My ocean vast and deep, serene soothing and soft,

intoxicated by the sensation of her gentle caresses,

the salt from her waters purifies me,

my soul is engulfed by her embrace,

am I home or am i deluded?

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The Masochist 

Once upon a time as all stories begin, she fell in love.

She met her match, who lit her match and let her smoke.

She lost herself inside the trip,she found herself inside his grip.

She stripped her mind he didn’t mind. He stripped her body, now it’s a hobby .

She stripped her soul, showed him the ugly, but he was foul his trait was fugly.

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Dear Queen,



First, I’d like to say that I am proud of the woman reading this. You have come a long way and against all odds, you have blossomed into the beautiful flower that you are today. I know it hasn’t been easy, I know it took a lot of tears, heartbreaks and disappointments but you conquered it all, like the warrior you are and now you wear the pain around your neck with grace,like a beautiful diamond necklace that reminds you that there is a blessing in every lesson.

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An Air witch’s ode.


At the heart of expression is a perturbed conscience.
Every word fits my soul,
My pain lies within each line,
My love is represented in the whole.
This message is for those who understand.
Myriads of permutations exist of the words gifted to me, yet this is my choice.
This is for the wanderers in the labyrinths of their souls; the human.

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I define myself in terms of you, I know me in terms of what is other,
Whether the other is above me or below me.If above me I enjoy the kick of self pity,if below me,  I enjoy the stroke of my pride.

So if I am I because you are you and if you are you because I am I ,
then I am not I and you are not you.
Then who are we?

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